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Start playing this fantastic game NOW! Get your high quality set of ARAMITH 6reds PoolSnooker balls including a set of The Balls Pool training aid with complete online video lessons by world renowned coach Chris Henry!

Ball spec: 57.2mm diameter and 167g weight.

Why 6reds PoolSnooker?

Welcome to 6reds PoolSnooker.

I have been coaching amateur and top professional Snooker and Pool players for over 25 years. Both of these great games have their own unique skill sets and rules and I believe that 6reds PoolSnooker incorporates the best of both games resulting in a fantastic new and unique cue sport. 6reds combines rules from both Pool and Snooker making it Fast, Fun, Exciting, Challenging and a game for everyone. This unique cue sport is now accessible globally. 6reds PoolSnooker is a hybrid game played on American and Chinese pool tables with American Pool size balls. 

I am sure you will have a lot of fun playing this fantastic game.

Chris Henry