All-in-One Table layout at start of game:

As depicted or watch the video .

Ball Terminology:
  • Cue-ball:
    the spotted white ball, the only ball that you may strike with the cue
  • Object-balls:
    The 6 red balls and 6 coloured balls
  • Ball ON:
    The ball you need to hit for this shot
Points values:
  • The reds are valued 1 point for all 3 game versions (marked 1 in the non-sequence version; marked 1 to 6 in the partial-sequence and full-sequence versions)*
  • The colours are valued 2 to 7 as displayed on each ball.
  • Break-off: Opening shot of the frack.
    You can place the spotted white anywhere behind the break line.
  • Pot: When you pocketed a ball.
  • Foul: To do something against the rules.
    Always 6 points awarded to the player NOT committing the foul.
    The opponent has ball in hand.
  • Ball in hand: after any foul the player that has not committed the foul has ball in hand and can place the cue-ball in any position on the table.
  • Jump shot: A player is allowed to jump the cue ball over any other ball at any time during a frack. In the partial and full sequence version a jump shot is not allowed. A jump shot must be played by elevating the cue on the shot and forcing the cue-ball into the cloth to jump from the bed of the table and over the impeding ball(s).
  • Push-shot: This is when the tip of the cue, the cue-ball and the object-ball are all touching toghether during the strike of the cue-ball. This is allowed!
  • Snookered - to be unable to strike the cue-ball in a straight line and hit the object-ball on (the ball you need to hit).
  • Impossible shot: When the only ball on is impossible to hit because of impeding balls this will result in a shoot off. Agreed by both players.
  • Shoot off: an extra section of the game when the score ended equal for both players or in the situation of an impossible shot.
  • Re-spot the colours: If a player commits a foul when a colour ball is pocketed (even when all reds are potted), the colour ball is respotted.
Playing the game:
  • You strike the cue-ball to the ball you want to hit (ball on).
  • It is a foul if you pot the cue-ball.
  • When there are still red balls on the table:
    a) Your first shot on every turn must be to hit a red with the cue-ball.
    b) If you pot that red, then you score 1 point and your next shot must be on any of the 6 colours. The red stays in the pocket.
    c) If you pot that colour, then you score the value of the colour and your next shot must be a red. The colour goes back on its own spot. If it doesn't fit on its spot, then it goes on the highest valued spot available. **
  • Continue with red-colour-red-colour until all reds are in the pockets, after potting the last red, the following colour if potted is respotted.
  • When all red balls are potted:
    Colour balls are potted in this order - yellow(2), green(3), brown(4), blue(5), pink(6), black(7). They stay in the pocket.
  •  If you fail to pot, or if you foul, then your turn is ended.
    After a foul the opponent has Ball in hand.
  • When you play more than 1 frack, the first shot to start each frack is alternate between the players.
Foul situations:
  • Once struck, the cue-ball must make contact with the ball ON first, otherwise a foul is committed
  • If your cue-ball does not hit any ball it is a foul.
  • When playing a colour ball you must nominate the colour (when not an obvious shot choice)
  • If you pot a colour other than the colour you played, you committed a foul.
  • If you accidentally touch any ball on the table (clothing, body, rests, side of cue) at any time you committed a foul.
  • If a ball (cue-ball or object-ball) does not touch a cushion you committed a foul unless you potted the ball on.
  • If any ball leaves the table (other than in a pocket for the ball on) it is a foul
  • When a player commits a foul both players must wait until all balls have come to a stand still before taking the cue-ball in hand or respotting a ball. 
  • The player that made the highest break during the current frack can choose which player plays first. This sequence remains the same for all shots during the Shoot-off.
  • Shot 1: The Balls Pool cue-ball is placed in the jaws of a corner pocket behind the break-off line. Both players attempt to strike and pocket the ball in the opposite diagonal corner black pocket. If both players fail or succeed on this shot then shot 2 comes into play. If only one player succeeds with this shot then this player has won the Shoot-off.
  • Shot 2: Place the standard cue-ball in the jaws of a corner pocket behind the break-off line, and place the orange The Balls Pool object-ball on the blue spot to set-up a straight shot. Attempt to pocket both balls in the opposite diagonal corner black pocket. If both players fail or succeed to pocket both balls on this shot then shot 3 comes into play. If only one player succeeds with this shot then this player has won the Shoot-off.
  • Shot 3: Place the black and white balls in line with the middle spots. Black against the cushion behind the black spot, white against the cushion behind the brown spot. You do not respot the black, you continue playing from where the balls finish like in a normal game situation. The first player to pot the black is the winner.
  • If a foul is committed during the Shoot-off by a player, then the opponent is the winner of the Shoot-off.
The frack ends when:
  • A player resigns because there are not enough balls on the table to make up for the opponent's score OR they do not have enough options to execute a good snooker to force the opponent into a foul.
  • All reds and coloured balls are potted.
  • when points are equal after potting all balls and the “shoot off” is won.

The player with the most points at the end of the frack wins!

* Non-sequence: The only version currently available. All the reds are numbered with 1.
Partial-sequence: More information soon.
Full-sequence: More information soon.

** respot colours: When it’s spot is taken,  the ball must be respotted on the highest value  spot available. If all spots are taken the ball must be placed as close to it’s own spot in line with the middle spots and towards the black cushion side. If that area is completely blocked, then on the opposite side of the spot in line with the middle spots. The ball must be as close as possible not touching another ball.

Version 1.1 – 23-08-2022

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